A class of 5 visits a zoo. The teacher explains to them that they will have to measure the temperature of the different enclosures. Hovan measures the temperature of the lion enclosure: it is 28 ° C. Mariam goes in that of the monkeys: 20 ° C. Vanik takes care of the penguin enclosure and notices that it is 32 ° C cooler than the monkey enclosure. Rafik goes to the camel enclosure: it is 49 ° C more than in that of penguins. Vartuhi measures that of the parrots and sees one fall. He finds that the temperature is 13 ° C cooler than the temperature. normal erasure of 27 ° C. Among the polar bears, a future mother bear has d û Be separate from others. In their enclosure it is usually 53 ° C cooler than in lions, but in the mother-to-be's enclosure it is 10 ° C warmer than usual.

What is the temperature of each enclosure?
penguin enclosure : 

camel enclosure : 
parrot enclosure:
enclosure of the future mother bear:
What is the average temperature of all the enclosures ?